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All merchandise returned to Essendant must have been purchased within thirty days of the request, this includes defective and resalable product. Returned product must be assigned a Return Authorization (RA) number. Any shipment without an RA number on the label may be subject to refusal and no credit will be due.

Q. How do I obtain a Return Authorization number?
A. You can obtain an RA number by one of three ways. Representatives are available to process your request by calling 1-800-888-8080 and selecting option 4. Fax your request to the team at 1-716-662-2536. Fax requests are usually processed within 24 hours. You can also email your requests to customerservice@essendant.com.

Q. What information do I need to obtain an RA?
A. You will need the invoice number or account number and PO. If you do not have this, a search may be done using the product number and account number.

Q. Am I charged a restock fee?
A. As stated in our terms and conditions, we are happy to take back product ordered in error that has been purchased within the 30 day period. However, Essendant does assess a 15% restocking fee for this service.

Q. Once I have my RA number what do I do next?
A. All returns must be labeled with the RA number in order to insure credit. Do not write directly on the product, it must be in resalable condition or Essendant will not accept it. Reference the number on the shipping label. Product is then shipped back to any Essendant facility

Q. Once I send the product back how do I get my credit?
A. The RA number will turn into the credit memo when the product is received and checked in to our return facility. This is done by adding 001 to the RA number.

Q. I am a credit card customer, is my credit applied directly to my card?
A. Yes, it will be applied back to your card. Please keep in mind the complete process takes approximately two weeks.

Q. I’d like to pay my bill, where do I send my payment?
A. Where you send your payment depends on where you are located. It is best to contact the Accounts Receivable department to obtain this information. They can be reached at 1-800-544-0043.

Q. What else can Customer Service help me with?
A. Customer Service supports the sales department. Representatives are available to help you with returns, warehouse errors, tracking information, and credits.

Q. I need product information; can Customer Service help me with this?
A. This is something our sales department would help you with. You may reach them by calling 1-800-888-8080 option 2.

Q. I ordered one product but got something else, what do I do now?
A. Our distribution centers have a 99.3% accuracy rate. Unfortunately, there are times when a wrong pull of an item occurs. If this happens, call customer service as you would for an RA and explain to the Representative what happened. They will need a part number or a detailed description of the product that was received in error. All errors need to be reported within five business days of receipt of goods.

Q. I received my order but some product is missing?
A. If your order is not complete and all packages have been delivered, call our customer service team to receive a pending credit number. This must be reported within five days of receiving the order. Essendant’s Warehouse Research team will make the determination on the shortage claim. This process takes 7-14 business days. Approved credits will be mailed to you. Denied credits are explained in a letter outlining the information that the decision was based on.

Q. Once my order is placed can I cancel it?
A. Due to the quick turn around time in which orders are processed we can not guarantee the cancellation of an order.

Q. Is my order guaranteed to arrive the next day?
A. Although we don’t guarantee next day delivery, most orders do reach customers the next business day.

Q. I haven’t gotten my order and when I track it I can’t tell where it is?
A. A tracer needs to be started to determine where the order is and takes 8-10 business days for the carrier to resolve. This is also the process followed for miss-delivered packages and a denial of signatures. Be sure to have a contact name and phone number of where the package should have been delivered. The information is for the carriers use only.

Q. I use eBILL on the website, can I get actual copies of invoice?
A. Yes , this information can be obtained using eBILL. You will need the ship to account number, the date range, po# or the invoice # itself.


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